Please vote on Tuesday April 8, 2014  for Corktown Citizen’s District Council Members.


Vote Tuesday, April 8, 2014 until 8PM at Frederick Douglass Library Branch (on Grand River west of Trumbull). Candidates for positions must live in Corktown Historical District as CDC boundary, but voters include residents of Greater Corktown and othors with interests in Corktown.  The following have put their names up as write-in candidates for 6 positionsTo vote for themPlease write name & address of each write-in candidate on appropriate lines & fill in the box next to each write-in candidate’s name, (or the vote will not get counted.)


Info required for the 5 write-in candidates we know is listed alphabetically right here,

 with a little information about each of the write-in candidates below the list :


Matthew Bihun                                                                  Mark Crowley                                   

1528 Leverette St.                                                               1820 Church St.

Detroit, MI 48216                                                               Detroit, MI 48216


Sarah Carlson                                                                        Ben Newman

1337 Bagley St.                                                                      1815 Church St.

Detroit, MI 48226                                                                 Detroit, MI 48216


                                                                                                Judith Zawislak

                                                                                                1610 Bagley St.

                                                                                                Detroit, MI 48216

Candidate Info:

*Matthew Bihun  is micro-lending for Prosper US; & was a program director at Southwest Detroit Business Association, a SDBA intern as he got Masters in Community Development at U-D Mercy. He’s lived in Corktown for 5 years, been active in neighborhood activities & hands on projects.


*Sarah Carlson moved to Detroit 2 years ago, after graduating with dual Master's degrees is social work and urban planning. She works at the Southwest Detroit Business Association, promoting the area through marketing and events. Wherever possible, Sarah advocates for development that considers and adds to the community's culture.


*Mark Crowley is current Chair of Corktown CDC, serving as member for the past 3 years. He’s a resident of Corktown since 1986, & homeowner since 1988. Mark’s been a Detroit Public School teacher for 28 years. Married to Carmen, they raised 2 now-adult daughters on Church Street, & also lived across I-75 in North Corktown, Spaulding Court, from 1981-1983. So he knows many of the three-generation Corktown families, & business owners as well as the more recent wave of young professionals & “invested thousands of dollars in our property with renovations and expansion.” A member of the Gaelic League/Irish American and Maltese clubs, Mark says he is optimistic about Corktown's continued growth yet concerned about "pricing out" the traditional economic and ethnic mix of our neighborhood. He’ll continue to address concerns of the homeless in the neighborhood & communicate with the groups that provide services for them. He recognizes a need for everyone to be security conscious. He shovels snow & cuts grass on unattended properties, picks up other’s litter (& dog poop) on a regular basis.


*Ben Newman started making bagels with his brother in their kitchen on Church St., founding the Detroit Institute of Bagels. He’s in Corktown since 2009, with a U of M Master's degree in urban planning, &opened Detroit Institute of Bagels Thanksgiving Day 2013 after renovating commercial storefront that had been vacant for 30+ years. He knows many long-term & new residents, business owners in Corktown. He wants to assist in communicating residents' interests to city and developers.


*Judy Zawislak is currently the Correspondence Secretary of Corktown CDC, & served as CDC member since 2011.  A Corktown resident since 1979, Judy’s been program manager at Greening of Detroit, of Workforce Development Adult Education, and was a training & process manager at Crain Communication before that. She attended Wayne State & Holy Redeemer H.S. She likes that Corktown is a real neighborhood. She’s been active in a range of ways that make it a more viable community because she values the importance of family and friends, neighbors and her community.