Dear MDEQ Director, Andy Wyant, and Mayor Duggan, and Senator Gary Peters,
I implore you to investigate immediately, why in the world is our Southwest Detroit Riverfront @ the foot of Junction, 5431 Junction being an illegal dumping ground for Pet Coke???????
The People of Southwest Detroit just went through months of protesting to stop the illegal dumping of Pet Coke at two (2) different locations on our West Riverfront when Mayor Bing was in office.  The illegal West Riverfront locations were at the foot of 1) Rosa Parks Blvd. & West Jefferson (Moroun/DIBC Owned Land) and 2) Clark St. & West Jefferson (Nicholas Owned Land).  No Legal Permits were issued by the City of Detroit to allow the dumping of Pet Coke at these locations and it took months before Detroit's Mayor shut these illegal Pet Coke dumping sites down.
How in the world can the continuation of new illegal dumping of 40 feet of black Pet Coke mountains keep appearing at our Southwest Detroit Riverfront?  Please help us stop this madness!  Please SHUT DOWN this new Pet Coke Dumping Site at 5431 Junction.
Deb Sumner
Hubbard Farms Historic District
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