Mission Moment
Take me out to the Ballgame - I don't care if I never come back!A day at Comerica park can turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary day. That's what happened last week when 15 of our young people headed off to watch the Tigers play

The anticipation of the game was incredible to witness. Of the 15 young people that attended only one had ever been inside Comerica park before the big game. Talk turned to "What does it look like inside? How do you get around? What are the seats like? Cortez, 17 who attended a game last year offered to google the inside of the stadium for the rest of the teens. While googling is good nothing prepared them for the excitement of sitting in those seats and watching our Tigers play.

The excitement of being inside the stadium, that even though they have lived their entire lives in Detroit, they only saw from the outside - will last our youth for a long time. Thank you Tigers for sharing this experience with our teens. 
Thank you Superior Ambulance
Shout Out to our sponsors! So many people and organizations make the work we do possible. Thank you Superior Ambulance for sponsoring us! If you would like to sponsor the great work we do please follow this link...https://www.giveffect.com/checkout/2340

Wish List 
Looking for a way to help our street medicine program

This program meets the homeless where they are in the streets of Detroit. 
We could use band aids and other first aid supplies.

Consider picking up a few boxes on your next shopping trip. You could also think big and get your school or church involved with a first aid collection for us. Of course if you are too busy to shop we can do the shopping for you -
Give Back 

Volunteering is fun - rewarding and the perfect way to make a difference in our community!
NSO Life Choices provides support for children and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities and their extended families living in Wayne County.
Volunteers are needed to assist with the monthly Saturday Art Therapy/Birthday Celebration group.
Volunteers will assist disabled adults as they work on various arts and crafts projects.
Don't worry, high level art skills are not required.

Sat., October 7th, 10am - 1pm
Sat., November 11th, 10am - 1pm
Sat., December 9th, 10am - 1pm