Jobs in the Districts Report Now Available 
This is an exciting time for Metro Detroit.  Billions of dollars of investment in new economic projects will forever change our landscape, while providing thousands of additional jobs and the promise of revitalized neighborhoods for years to come. 
Detroit has weathered population decline since the 1950's, but as the people left Detroit, so too did commercial activity - and jobs. Population loss is a straightforward analysis: it only goes one direction. Economic activity is more dynamic: workers commute in multiple directions, often back and forth across city boundaries every day.  As businesses large and small, manufacturing centers,
and institutions shifted outside the city, more resources and more jobs were pulled out. So where does Detroit stand from a jobs perspective today?

To answer this question, the board and staff of Doing Development Differently in metro Detroit (D4) invite you to read the full Jobs in the Districts Report 2018, which is available for download below.

Of the 234,493 jobs in Detroit, about a quarter are held by Detroiters. The majority are held by commuters who travel into the city for work. Jobs are dispersed in clusters throughout the city, with a noticeable concentration of jobs in the Downtown and Midtown districts. 
And while unemployment is not the focus of this report, it is vital to remember that 40% of Detroiters live below the poverty line.  Unfortunately, in most measures of wealth and economic mobility, Detroit ranks at or near the bottom, highlighting the fact that Detroit needs many many more jobs if it hopes to compete in the coming decades.  Please review this important report and share with others who care about equitable development in the region. 
Please see for more information about D4 and the Equitable Development series.

Special thanks to The W.K. Kellogg Foundation for their genorous support.