Detroit’s City Charter Revision Commission


The Charter of the City of Detroit provides a structure and defines responsibilities for our city government and elected officials. In the 2018 primary ballot in August, Detroiters voted to revise the City Charter.


Vote on November 6, 2018 to elect Detroit’s 9-member Charter Revision Commission.


Elected Charter Revision Commissioners will have three years to oversee the revision of the City Charter. Once the final revised Charter is drafted by the Charter Commission, it will be sent to the Governor and Attorney General for legal review and then Detroiters will vote on whether or not to approve the changes.

Commission Candidates & Sustainability

This ballot initiative is important to the Detroit Environmental Agenda because our City Charter contains guidelines for how city departments adopt sustainable practices. We sent a survey to all the candidates with the following questions:

  • Why are you running for the Charter Revision Commission?
  • What provisions are the most important to preserve or change in the current Charter of the City of Detroit?
  • Are you familiar with provisions in the Charter related to the environment? What would you seek to change
    or preserve?
  • How should the Charter Revision Commission engage the community in the revision process?

Go to   to get survey responses.

DETROIT CITY CHARTER. Vote on Proposal R: General Revision of the 2012 Detroit City Charter on August 7th.. This ballot initiative is important to the Detroit Environmental Agenda because the Detroit City Charter is the city’s governing framework and contains important guidelines for how City departments should adopt sustainable practices.