During the public meetings that were held in late 2018 to discuss this proposed ordinance, the presenters, which included a team of inter-departmental staffs, requested that any questions or concerns that were not addressed during the presentation and subsequent question and answer portion, be submitted in writing to the inter-departmental working group that was working to finalize a proposed ordinance. 
???Attached you'll find and ordinance that was submitted to City Council by the Law Department just before the recent holiday recess as a result of those efforts.
This matter will be before the Public Health and Safety Standing Committee for consideration for the setting of a public hearing on January 28th @ 10am.
To clarify, this will not be the public hearing, but the item will be considered on the 28th to set a public hearing. There will be opportunity on the 28th for general public comment during the meeting and there will be opportunity for public comment specific to this item during a future public hearing if the Committee advances the matter forward.  
Please see attached proposed ordinance and the working group's written responses to obtain further insight regarding issues that community groups expressed and the answers that were provided by the working group. You will also notice that there were substantive changes made by the working group to some items in the ordinance based on the feedback that was received from the community. Other items that were not changed, give rationale as to why they were kept as is. Further comments regarding the ordinance can be made when this matter is heard at City Council.
Thank you for your participation in this effort. Please help disseminate this information to others that might be interested.

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